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Provision on the international distance contest “Parenting with a twist”: search, ideas, embodiment” for teachers of preschool organizations

General Provisions

1. These Provision for the organization and holding of the international distance competition “Parenting with a twist”: search, ideas, embodiment” for teachers of preschool organizations, have been developed with the aim of implementing the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, “On the Status of a Teacher”, the State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025.

  1. The competition is held once a year by the department of “Psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process”, a branch of  JSC "NCCE "Orleu" ICET for NKR.
  2.           3. All categories of teachers of pre-school organizations are allowed to participate in the competition (teachers, methodologists, educators, music directors, speech therapists, psychologists, physical education, swimming instructors, teachers of Kazakh, English, Russian, etc.).
  3.           4. Participation in the competition, both individual and team (no more than 5 participants).
  4.           5. The competition is aimed at active and creative educators seeking to exchange successful pedagogical experience within the professional community and demonstrate the results of their intellectual work to the general public.
    1. The organization of the Competition is aimed at developing professional competencies, revealing the creative capabilities of managers and teachers to work effectively in the mobile educational environment, improving methods and technologies of the educational process, sharing experience, raising the status of the profession of a teacher in preschool organizations, supporting the human potential of modern preschool education, maintaining and strengthening the unity of the cultural and educational space of Kazakhstan, the countries of near and far abroad.

Purpose and objectives of the Competition

         7. The purpose of the Competition is to stimulate creative self-realization and professional growth of teachers, study and disseminate the innovative experience of leaders and teachers of preschool organizations in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries.

8.  Competition Objectives:

- improving the professional skills of teachers;

- improving the scientific and methodological support of the educational process;

- identification and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience;

- introduction and dissemination of modern innovative educational technologies;

- the formation of a positive image of the profession of a teacher of preschool organization.

Terms and conditions of the Competition

  1.         9. Working languages of the Competition: Kazakh, Russian, English. Submissions in other languages will not be considered.
  2.  10. The competition is held in the following areas (nominations):
  3. “Tugan Jer”. The nomination is dedicated to the 1150th anniversary of al-Farabi, the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayuly, the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  4. "I remember, I'm proud!" The nomination is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
  5.              3) “In good deeds, put all the best of your soul.” The nomination is dedicated to the Year of the volunteer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  6.             11. Design work:

- A4 sheet format, in the RS Word Times New Roman text editor (line spacing - single, font size - 14, all margins - 25 mm);

- on the title page the surname, name, patronymic of the author, the name of the project work, direction, position, address and telephone numbers of the educational organization, address, telephone number, e-mail of the author are completely indicated;

- annotation to the project: in the volume of one page in tabular form, present the internal structure and the planned design result (application 2);

- the volume is not limited.

12. Projects submitted to the Competition are not reviewed or returned.

13. The competition does not accept projects that use fragments of works that are the objects of copyright, without the consent of the copyright holders.

14. To participate in the Competition, teachers of preschool educational organizations must provide:

  1. the application in accordance with the proposed form (application 1);
  2. competitive material, according to the nomination.

The submitted materials should be archived using the WinRAR archiver program, 7-Zip, and have a name containing the name of the author, for example, Ivanov. 7-zip, Syzdykova. Rar.

15. Dates:

- competitive materials (according to clause 11) are accepted until February 29, 2020 until 24.00 (Astana time) to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16. Competition results (diplomas, certificates) on March 19, 2020 are posted on the branch website http://www.ipksko.kz/


General criteria for determining the winners of the Competition

17. The winners of the competition are determined in each category from 0 to 5 points by converting points to percent:

- 1st place, participants who scored 90% or more of the maximum score;

- 2 place, participants who scored from 80 to 89% of the maximum score;

- 3rd place, participants who scored from 70 to 79% of the maximum score.

18. Assessment criteria:

- compliance with the values of humanistic pedagogy and psychology: a reflection of the ideas of humanistic pedagogy and psychology;

- evidence of the proposed project: significance for the development of preschool education;

- logical: consistency, interconnectedness and feasibility;

- realism: the ability to solve identified problems;

- novelty: the project offers new (original) methods, mechanisms, tools;

- expected results of the project: changes that are expected during the course / result of the project;

             - replicability: used in the framework of the project technologies, techniques, tools suitable for the implementation of the project by other contractors, in other conditions;

             - visualization: compliance of the content of the presented activity and compliance with the design requirements.

Organizational Committee Functions

19. The management of the Competition is carried out by the organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee).

20. The Organizing Committee performs the following functions:

- provides informational and methodological support to the contestants.

- determines the symbols of the Competition, guidelines, current documentation,

the content of publications in the media;

- is responsible for conducting and maintaining the international distance Competition;

- determines the timing of the final stage of the Competition;

- the procedure for issuing diplomas of the Competition;

- creates a jury at the final stage of the Competition;

- collects applications from bidders;

- registers the tender documentation;

- conducts technical examination of competitive materials;

- prepares lists of contestants for the final round.


Jury Functions

21. The jury members perform the following functions:

- evaluate the performance of competitive tests of the material of the Competition in points in accordance with the criteria on the basis of the submitted competitive materials;

- make a rating table based on the results of the final stage of the Competition;

- determine the winners of the international distance Competition.

22. The decision of the jury is recorded in minutes. Meeting minutes are kept by the secretaries of the jury.

Awarding of the winners of the Competition

  1.   23. Winners of the Festival are awarded with diplomas of I, II, III degree a branch of  JSC "NCCE "Orleu" ICET for NKR (the place and time of the award will be announced later).

            24.  Participants of the Competition, who collected from 50 to 69% of the maximum score, are awarded certificates.

25. At the discretion of the Organizing Committee, the work of the winners will be published in the republican magazine "Directory of the head of the preschool organization", the informational scientific and methodological magazine "Pedagogical Search", the electronic newspaper "Bilim berudegy balalar - Balalarha bilim beru". The best works will be published in an electronic collection.


Special conditions

26. In case of cancellation of the Competition, a message about this will be published on the Site.

27. Decisions of the Expert Council of the Competition are final and not subject to dispute.

28. The fact of submitting an application for participation in the Competition means that the applicant gives the Organizer of the Competition his consent to the processing of his personal data, namely their collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, blocking, destruction.

29. The fact of submitting an application for participation in the Competition means the complete consent of the applicant to this Provision.

30. The terms used in this Provision refer exclusively to the Competition. Questions regarding the Competition that are not reflected in these Provision are governed by the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



Kozarezova Natalia Danilovna, Senior Lecturer of the department "Psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process".

Zhamantayeva Karashash Kalshenovna, Senior Lecturer of the department "Psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process".

For information: 8 (7152) 53-16-23, 87086976019 

Application 1


to participate in an international distance contest

“Parenting with a twist”: search, ideas, embodiment”

for teachers of preschool organizations


Full Name


Country of Residence


Educational organization


Work experience


Qualification category


Education organization address (with zip code, phone number)


Submission Language


Contact phone number with international telephone code


E-mail address




Theme of the competition





 Application 2

Annotation to the project

(placed after the title page)




Objective 1

Technologies for solving the objective 1

The planned result

of solving the objective 1

Objective 2



Objective 2




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